Faith Book Group


What:       A group that meets to discuss books chosen by the Rector. The Rector has intentionally chosen authors whose style of writing is quite different from each other, and may not be authors people have read before.

When:      5th Monday of a month at 7.00 pm

Where:     currently on-line.  Please contact us for login details.

Contact:   Nick, our Rector:


  • 30th November 2020 the group will discuss ‘Reconciliation’ by Muthuraj Swamy.
  • 29th January: ‘The Meaning of Jesus: Two Visions’ by Marcus Borg and NT Wright.
  • 31st May: ‘Love’s Endeavour, Love’s Expense’ by W.H. Vanstone
  • 30th August: ‘Love Wins’ by Rob Bell
  • 29th November: ‘Cranky, Beautiful Faith’, by Nadia Bolz-Weber