This page will be updated regularly with the text and/or audio version from Sunday sermons given by our Rector. If viewed on a full-screen device you should be able to see them immediately in scroll-down windows; on smaller screens you may have to follow a hyperlink which will download the file.


Pentecost 6: The Bible – 4

The last of 4 consecutive sermons about the Bible. Nick summarises and compares the overall traditional and modern views of the Bible, the different ways of translation from the original languages, and options for our understanding of it today.

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Pentecost 5: The Bible – 3

The third of 4 sermons about the Bible, this one with a focus on the New Testament, its background and origins.

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Pentecost 4: The Bible – 2

The second of 4 sermons about the Bible, this one with a focus on the Old Testament, its background and origins.


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Pentecost 3: The Bible – 1. The first of a series of 4 sermons on this important topic. Hear this introduction about the nature and origins of the Bible, the various ways of understanding it and how these have changed with time.

Below you can read the sermon, with extra summary information at the end.

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Pentecost 2: Music Sunday at St James 14th June 2020

On 14th June we celebrated 90 years as members of the Royal School of Music (RSM). Use the soundbar below to listen to the  bible readings and sermon for this special event. Alternatively (or as well!) you can read/download (depending on your screen type) the sermon from the scroll page or link that is below the soundbar.


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Trinity Sunday 7th June 2020

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Pentecost 31st May 2020

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Earlier sermons.

By using the soundbars below you can listen to some of the sermons given by Nick during the church’s Easter weeks (lockdown already in place).

Easter week 7

Easter week 6

Easter week 5