Pastoral Care at St James the Less




As members of the family of Christ, the community of St James the Less is called to personally share God’s love, comfort, and care with all those known to our congregation who are in need.

Pastoral Care is the shared responsibility of clergy and laity.  Although much pastoral care is undertaken by the rector, non-stipendiary clergy or pastoral care groups, the role of every person in the congregation is important as we are all called to love our neighbours as ourselves (Mark 12:31).

Please note that until further notice, all enquiries regarding St James the Less church should be directed to the Vestry Secretary, who will pass them on to the appropriate person.

Please contact  01968 768954  or  email


Our usual specific pastoral caring ministries are mentioned in the list below. Now that our rector Rev’d Lynsay Downs has moved to another charge, if you would like information about any of these ministries please contact initially our Vestry Secretary, contact information above.

Coffee Time Cards —When there is a need, a get-well, congratulations (or other) card may be placed in the Parish Hall for parishioners to sign as a show of care and concern.

Communion Visitors— for someone requiring home communion because they are unable to attend services due to ill health or other reasons.

Pastoral Visitors— pastoral visitors works to maintain contact with those who have become longterm housebound or chronically ill.

Hospital Visits. 



Healing Services are held in the Peace Chapel on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7pm. All are welcome.

Prayer request cards are available on the pews in church at all services, simply place them in the basket at the back of the church. Unless marked ‘public’ these will be treated as confidential.

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