Growing at St James the Less



We all have times when we need to Grow, so whether you’re growing up or growing into the community, this is the page for you.



The youngest members of our community meet at 10am on Tuesday’s in term-time. Along with Cyril the Squirrel they have fun, do crafts, share a Bible story, sing have a snack and play. Their grown ups get time to chat and have tea or coffee as well. Tricia leads this group and is always happy to meet new people. Many of the JTots families worship at other places on a Sunday but enjoy their Tuesday mornings at St JtL.

Junior Church

Junior Church meet during the service on Sundays. They worship, following their own pattern, that mirrors what the adults are doing but in a very hands on way, with stories crafts and time to enjoy being together. Activities depend very much on the ages of the members present on any given Sunday. All welcome!

Fellowship Lunches

Fellowship lunches are arranged throughout the year. They follow on from a church service and usually consist of soup, bread, and the various cheeses, meats and salads the community brings. We invite a speaker and offer money raised to the cause they have spoken about. These have ranged from Penicuik to Africa, to flying ambulances, elephant sanctuaries, Friends of Chitambo and more. This is a very pleasant way to grow into the community and learn a little more about the good going on in the world.

St JtL Book Club

Some members of St JtL meet once a month to discuss a book. We mainly read novels and try to cover a broad range of styles. The focus of our discussion is usually on trying to understand the human relationships and it’s rare that we all agree on a particular book. We are, however, broadening our horizons and getting to know one another better. If you’d like to join in, please let Angela know as she collects the books from the library for us.