Mother’s Union

HomeIt’s been a busy year for St James branch:

We held a Fellowship Lunch on 23rd March after church.
We attended the Lady Day Service on 25th March at Christchurch, Morningside, at which one of the 2 MU members from Papua New Guinea preached at Bishop John’s invitation.
We have enjoyed several speakers

– Lynsay, our Rector, spoke to us twice, and on November 12th, she gave us a very interesting talk about her visit to Ghana.
– David McGavin spoke about the new A&M,
– Susan Tonin spoke about her life in PNG and the help and protection she had received there from MU and Mission Aviation Fellowship, (MAF). This tied in with the Bishop’s Lent Appeal for sewing machines for PNG. On Nov 23rd a fellowship lunch is to be held in aid of the latter project
– At the Advent meeting on Dec 10th we shall be making up our annual hamper for a local family in need of support. We supported ‘Make a Mothers’ Day’ which helps in practical ways to finance and encourage various projects worldwide.
– We hosted the Mary Sumner Day for the MU in Edinburgh diocese on the 8th Aug for around 40 people. Lynsay had prepared a service for us, which was much appreciated by the members attending. Rose Mackenzie had made a cake which was cut by Susan Crosfield at the afternoon tea following.
– On 21st Sept we hosted a meeting for the Diocese MU when our WW President, Lynne Tembey, accompanied by Jean Richardson, Provincial President, came to speak to us and chat informally. It was a very happy occasion.
– At the opening meeting on 25th Sept we studied the latest Consultation Paper and sent our replies to ‘Faith & Policy’ at Mary Sumner House.
– The Wave of Prayer meeting is to be held on Wed Nov 26th at Rose’s home, 64 Deanburn from 2 pm to 3 pm. From 2015 – the calendar has been changed to 15th–17th Oct and though we lose our official link with Sri Lanka, we aim to retain contact. Our new links will be Terekeka (South Sudan), Nairobi (Kenya), Maiduguri and Osun North (Nigeria) and Calcutta (India). The forthcoming programme has to be finalised – Watch the noticeboard.
– The Diocesan Retreat is usually held at Kinnoull, which is closed for refurbishment. Next year’s Retreat will be held from Tues 14th- Thurs 16th April at Netherhurd, off the A701, (Blyth Bridge). The retreat leader is Fiona Fidgin from St Anthony’s priory. Cost £150 due by mid Jan. It is open to all, not just MU members. You can apply on line – see the MU Scotland website, which can be accessed from the sidebar on this page.

We would very much welcome new members to join us at the branch meetings. The annual subscription to Central + Diocesan funds will be £22 and includes our insurance. The branch contribution has still to be decided, but probably will be £2. The total subscription works out at less than 50p a week per member – very good value considering the work the MU does worldwide. ‘Families First’, the MU magazine, 6 copies per year, costs £10.50 for members and £16.50 for non-members in the UK. A free worldwide news is provided for every member.


Finally: we were devastated by the news of the deaths of two of our members, Elizabeth, Lady Clerk and Joyce Black, both of whom have contributed much to MU: Lady Clerk in her hospitality through the years and Joyce as Diocesan MU Secretary. Both the services held on Nov 6th and Nov 10th to celebrate their lives were very moving. It was a pleasant surprise to chat to Miss Errington, a past member of St James MU when she lived in Penicuik, who, together with Lady Clerk, used to give lifts to members for branch meetings.                    Jean Hindle

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