Outreach Article: Elizabeth Fearnley

A few weeks ago, St James the Less church was privileged to host the funeral and celebration of the life of Elizabeth (Bet) Fearnley. Her husband (Bill) and their son (Robert) delivered a very moving and inspiring eulogy, while Rev’d Neville provided the context of this beautiful service. The words that were spoken by Bill, Robert and Neville are collated in the article. We hope that it brings comfort smiles to the Fearnley family and their friends, and, as happened for me, that it provides inspiration for people who didn’t know Bet. Please click on the image below to download the article.

Outreach Article:Denis Smith

About a year ago, the funeral and celebration of Denis Smith’s life took place at St James the Less Church. It was an uplifting and eye-opening occasion. The church was full of family, friends and colleagues of Denis. Folk musicians (including members of his own family) payed homage to Denis by playing folk music that he loved. We learned a lot about this extraordinary man. Many of us had only known him in the later years of his life when he was suffering from dementia. Lynda Smith wrote this article about Denis, and it seems fitting to post it online now to mark his anniversary. Please click on the image below to download the document.

Denis Smith FINAL

Outreach article: Squalor to Scholar

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Squalor to Scholar - formatted&edited