Outreach Article: A reflection on the life of Irene Hair

Family and friends of Irene Hair attended her funeral on 22nd October, when her life was remembered and celebrated. Her daughter, Val McGavin, gave a personal reflection on the life of her mum, and kindly agreed to share it with us in Outreach Online. It’s a lovely tribute for a lovely woman. Please click the image below to open the article.

Irene Hair Formatted article


2 thoughts on “Outreach Article: A reflection on the life of Irene Hair

  1. Mrs Hair was a lovely woman who wore a warm and welcoming smile, and always gave a friendly greeting. I remember her from my childhood, when I first met her because of my friendship with her daughters, and even much later she would always be happy to talk and spend some time with me. It’s sad to hear that she has gone, but she will never be forgotten by anyone who knew her.

    Losing your Mum is a hard event to cope with, but having lost my own Mum two Christmasses ago I can reassure the family that your loss will not be total. Mrs Hair, your Mum, your Gran, will live on in a corner of your heart, and will still smile on you when you need her warmth.

    And from time to time you will see something she would like for her birthday, or for Christmas . . . you will read something that will amuse or interest her, and for a moment you’ll plan to tell her. Tell her silently, in your heart. She knows you love her.

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